Facilitated Workshops

Workshops offer a cost-and time-effective way of obtaining input and agreeing action plans for a group of stakeholders. However, in order to maximise the benefit and avoid them becoming simply ‘talking shops’, they need to be both planned and managed.

Keys to success include:

  • Clear and succinct goals;
  • Pre-reading material issued in advance;
  • Plenary and / or syndicate sessions;
  • Detailed timelines;
  • Success criteria;
  • Future plans / actions / ways forward.

We specialise in technology needs workshops. However, we have also organised and run workshops to meet a number of other requirements, such as forward planning for engineering disciplines. We are able to support the workshop planning process and also to facilitate the sessions themselves. This leaves the participants free to focus on achieving the goals. We have access to a range of different facilitation techniques and seek to find the most appropriate for the workshop goals, rather than trying to impose one particular model on all circumstances.