Through our knowledge, experience and successful track record, we enable our clients to achieve the goal of Making the New Commonplace

The examples below demonstrate our experience and expertise in all stages of the technology development process, from identification through to implementation.

We are a UK-based company with over 30 years’ experience of the upstream and midstream oil & gas sectors and more than 20 years’ direct involvement in technology development. We work with oil & gas companies, suppliers and vendors, research organisations and universities to develop, execute and implement both research portfolios and individual projects.

We also offer a range of training courses and communications materials and support the planning and facilitation of themed workshops. In addition, we have been developing research initiatives under the Brazilian R&D Levy and are able to advise on how these should be structured in order to obtain approval.

The extract above is from a video from Cranfield University that shows how we work with universities and also support the M.Sc. course in Offshore and Ocean Technology