Transient Multiphase Flow Simulation

In the early 1990s, SINTEF launched a project to develop the first transient multiphase flow simulation software. This was benchmarked and verified against data obtained from large-scale multiphase flow loops in Norway. At the time, there was only very limited field data available, since few companies were operating multiphase production systems.

One of the first uses of the software was to support the design of a new subsea field development in the North Sea. In order to determine the volumes of chemicals required for system start-up, it was necessary to estimate system warm-up times.


Transient-Multiphase Flow Simulation data graph

Data courtesy of Chevron


The results obtained were subsequently used to define the system start-up procedures and the field commenced production in 1993 . Although the version of the software used for this was a development code, it was later commercialised by SPT Group (now part of Schlumberger) as OLGA.

Today, OLGA and LedaFlow® are the market leading transient multiphase flow simulators and are used by all of the major oil & gas companies and design houses. Whilst the software is continually undergoing further enhancements and improvements, the technology is generally regarded as mature and an essential tool for the design, operation and optimisation of multiphase production systems worldwide.